Sunday, September 23, 2018

Hard to Write Hard Knocks

     Tonight, I tried out my new writing nook.  The board above me will support the town of Kerryville on the Kerryville & Pacific (HO scale model) Railway.  I made the platform above me high so I could have this little writing space.

     It is nice to have a quiet private spot to write, especially tonight.

     I am in the process of refining Wil Clarey: School of Hard Knocks in preparation for writing the last several chapters during NaNoWriMo.  Tonight, I rewrote much of the chapter entitled "Hard Knocks".  It has been a hard chapter to write.  I hope it will be a hard chapter to read.  

     I have heard it said that if there are no tears in the author, there will be no tears in the reader.  Honestly, I am taking these few minutes to write this so my eyes aren't so red when I go back upstairs (my nook is in the basement).

     I have been fortunate to not have to live through what I just put Wil Clarey through, but we all have our Hard Knocks.  At this point in the story, Wil has to decide how to deal with his.  How do you deal with yours?  Do you wallow in self pity?  Do you burst forth in anger?  Do you seek healing?  

    I know of one local family who lost their child through murder.  I will forever be impressed at how they not only sought healing, but offered forgiveness to the murderer.  I hope I never find out what that is like.  I also hope that I would have that strength of character!

     Don't worry, Wil does not go through the same situation.  I just recall it as being an amazing example of forgiveness.  I will not be sharing that chapter apart from the whole book as it is pivotal (hence the chapter and book titles being so similar).  Let's just say that Wil may have to draw on some of that strength of character.  May we all be that strong when hard knocks come our way.

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