Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Inspired by a Ninja

Yes, it has been a while.  A lot of stuff happening around the Solano household. Tonight, after work, My wife and I have been gardening.  Twenty bags of mulch in, the yard is beginning to look good.

But that’s not what inspired me to write tonight.  After cleaning up, I came into the living room to find Janet watching American Ninja Warrior.  I, being the caring, supportive husband that I am, sat down on the sofa and put the Rockies baseball game on my I-Pad.

That’s also not what inspired this blog (though Ian Desmond did just hit a home run. The game is still on in the corner of my screen as I write.).

What inspired me was what distracted me from the game.  Past the sound of strikes and balls in my ear, heard the word “autistic”. That’s when I learned about a 21-year old contestant by the name of Steven Moul.

Steven has autism.  Despite this, or maybe because of this, Steven found himself in front of a roaring crowd, bright flashing lights, TV cameras and a course that he trained for 8 years to complete.  The crowd chanted his name as he challenged the course.

Few complete the American Ninja Warrior course.  Steven was among that majority that try heroically but fall short of completion. But to me, he was the most inspiring. Like Wil Clarey, he shows us that those on the Spectrum can go far beyond what most people think.  Unlike Wil, he is real. I pray that you find hope and inspiration in his story.  You can find it HERE.

Now I return to my less than inspiring baseball game (at this moment, Rockies are behind 1-3).  May you experience an inspiring distraction tonight as well!