Thursday, July 26, 2018


Greetings from Camp Cedaredge!  Once again, happenings at camp have inspired a devotional chapter.  If you have a tendency to live by your emotions, this one's for you:

Emotions in Motion

How emotional are you?  My kids give me a hard time because I tear up at movies.  I admit it, I enjoy experiencing the full gamut of emotions, especially joy to the point of tears.  Even so, I firmly believe that important decisions should be made as separate from the influence of emotion as possible.  For that reason, I loved last night’s service at the youth camp I am at this week.

Ben, this week’s main speaker, explained his topic well.  He showed scriptures that supported what he was saying and brought his message down to the point where he asked the students to make a decision.  Then he did something unique.

In our denomination and others like it, it is common to bring services to an emotional peak where people will make decisions amid music and tears.  It can be an experience to remember.  Last night, Ben asked the worship band not to play while students made decisions.  He did not want their decisions based on hype.  I am certain that those decisions were a result of Holy Spirit prompting and student’s responding with their minds fully engaged.  As a result, I believe that those choices will follow them the rest of their lives, not just until they get home.

This does not just apply to spiritual matters.  My wife and I recently looked at a new home.  It was beautiful and in a great location.  That evening, we were dreaming of what life could be like there.  Still, we knew that we had to give ourselves time to consider all the implications.  We did not buy that house.  It will go to someone else who will enjoy its beauty and comfort.  And we are confident that we are better off for making the decision to pass it up. 

Do you jump into things because they feel good?  Do you avoid things because they might hurt?  Would it make a difference if we made decisions based on facts instead of emotion?  Give it a try.  I’ll bet that would be a good decision.

                Read Judges 11:29-34

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