Saturday, July 14, 2018

Beneath the Surface

     I finally got around to writing another entry for my devotion book 365 Super Short Stories.  It has been a hot exhausting day working on our sunroom floor.  I was amused to find a clip from the sunroom security camera of me finishing the underlayment (see screen shot).  I thought you might enjoy a little peek into my “sweat equity” investment (I was sweating profusely to the point that my sweat was mixing with the leveling mix).  I hope you enjoy.  Feel free to comment with any amusing tales of when you failed to look beneath the surface.

                                                       Beneath the Surface

     I am currently rewriting the beginning of book 2 of the Wil Clarey series.  I am struggling with how to word a conversation between Wil’s mom and a helpful couple while they are on the road.  Through it all, Wil is staying silent (except in that he reports the conversation to the reader).  His thoughts on the subject (whether or not someone with Asperger’s needs healing) are eloquent despite the fact that he says nothing out loud.

     Oddly, that fact came to the surface of my mind as I was repairing the floor of our sunroom today.  I had thought that the floor was inadequately supported resulting in that feeling that we were going to fall through the floor every time we stepped out of the house into the sunroom.  Why would they not put an extra joist right where you step onto it.  After removing the floor in that section, I found out why.

     The house was built with a concrete porch so there was no room for a joist.  The floor was supported with plywood stacked on the concrete porch which had subsided about an inch and a half.  That fact made for a much easier repair than I thought (nothing was rotten).

     How many times do we make assumptions based upon what we see on the surface?  The helpful couple in the book saw Wil exhibit a couple of autistic traits and assumed he was broken.  Honestly, I often see something of mine broken or missing and assume one of the kids did it.  Do you jump to conclusions before you know the whole story?  Welcome to the club.  Let’s try to get ourselves out of that club.

Read John 7:24

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