Friday, May 18, 2018

    I am loving my time here at the Colorado Christian Writer's Conference in Estes Park.  The beauty is amazing, the advice is priceless and the opportunities are abundant.  Yesterday, I got some excellent advice on my writing that will take the Wil Clarey series to the next level.  This morning I had the opportunity to interview on AM91 KPOF Radio (airs next week during the morning show).  Now I am sitting with this view out my window and writing another entry on a devotional book I am putting together.

    I decided to include today's entry as it is relevant to the conference.  The working title of the devotional book is "365 Super Short Stories."  Let me know what you think of it and if you want me to upload any other excerpts from that book.


Of Course Correction

     As a Sophomore in college, I wanted to be a camp counselor for the summer.  I put in my application for Redwood Camp, where I had worked on the maintenance staff the summer before.  One spring day, the letter finally came.  I was (insert dramatic pause here) rejected. 

     Of course, I was disappointed.  I knew I could get a different job for the summer, but I really wanted to directly make a difference in the lives of campers.  I decided I would a have a word with the camp director.  I went to his house one evening and simply asked him what I had to do to be ready to be a counselor the following summer.  He gave me advice which I gratefully listened to.

     That summer, I took a position as “linen man” at the conference center that was part of the same organization as Redwood Camp.  During the first week, I got a call from Redwood Camp.  One of the counselors decided that he could not handle the job.  The director was so impressed with my teachable attitude that I was the first replacement he thought of.

     That experience reinforced what I had already learned about taking correction with an open mind.  Yesterday, at a writing clinic, an expert writer, Tim Shoemaker, pointed out several flaws in my writing.  I am genuinely excited to be able to take that advice and polish my manuscript.  With his advice, my book will have a better chance of getting published.  More importantly, it has a better chance at making a difference in my readers’ lives!

Read Proverbs 13:18

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